PosConneXion Platform

With the PosConneXion SaaS platform, Point of Sales solution providers can easily get an approved tax control unit for Sweden.
Via our cloud API, you can quickly integrate your register system. We support both web/server solutions as well as pure mobile applications.
Infrasec PosConnexXon service overview

About PosConneXion

PosConneXion offers suppliers of POS solutions, both standard products and customer-specific solutions, a simple and secure API.
Both for tax reporting and admin of roles and rights when registering new cash registers for store chains.

A new cash register is automatically registered with the Swedish Tax Agency and also deregistered if this happens on the platform.
You only need to integrate with the PosConneXion API, the platform then handles the integration with the following services:

Central Control Unit,  Tax control unit in the cloud
ITE for Swish -
Extended Swish solution

IDM – Central Management and Audit

Customers signing for PosConneXion by Infrasec, will be organized in Infrasec Access Control System (IDM) structure is holding Customers POS Registers. Infrasec in cooperation with the POS Customer, bring forth an organization structure suitable for the POS Customer where Customers “End-Customers” registers is organized.

Together with the Customer a naming syntax is assigned, where every POS Register registered is given a unique Register Identity. The individual register is bound to use the identity when the register is requesting PosConneXion services.

Enroll Registers

Customer assigns one or more Administrators who are authorized to manage administrators, registers and credentials in the PosConneXion IDM system. The responsible administrators will be able to investigate and manage registered information and to upload Excel sheets that enroll Registers.

Customer may enroll (onboard) registers by assigned administrators via upload of Excel sheets or automated by using Infrasec IDM Enrollment API.

Infrasec IDM GUI
View of the Infrasec IDM GUI
CCU - Central Control Unit Main Image
Central Control Unit
Tax reporting service via API for all types of Point Of Sale/cash register applications.

–> API Documentation

ITE for Swish
Infrasec Transaction Engine for Swish provides full control of Swish payments and transaction data, such as name and phone number without using a separate App.

–> API Documentation
–> Read More
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