CCU – Central Control Unit

Cloudbased Fiscal Tax Unit for Sweden

Replace the "black box" with a cloud service.
With CCU, you replace the store's physical control unit with a cloud service.

It is simple, safe and approved by the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket.

The CCU Cloud service has been in operation for more than 10 year and serves more than 20 000+ registers on daily bases.

per second
8 Million

per month

98 Million

per year

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Tax Compliance for Sweden

Formal requirements from the Swedish Tax Agency
means that all the stores or businesses covered by the new legislation, must have a fiscal control unit.

Central Control Unit (CCU) from Infrasec is a central control unit. Instead of having a physical unit in the store, this is a service delivered over the Internet without any installation or expensive service needs. The controller is then connected to the POS program that the vendor has chosen to use. We offer our customers the opportunity to meet all formal requirements, while we will replace the need for a control unit in the store.
How it works

1. The cash register system sends receipt information about the transaction to the CCU.
2. The CCU verifies that the receipt information is stored and encrypted.
3. The control code is sent back to the cash register system.
4. The code is stored in the cash register system and printed on the receipt.

– No need for a physical device in the store
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Redundant System

We work in a completely redundant environment. Two separate physical data centers, internet connections, redundant service and storage.

We provide high-performance servers with dual mirrored disks, to grant several optimal operational reliability. ‍

We currently measure a SLA of more than 99.9%.
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We operate in a fully redundant environment. Two separate physical datacenters, multiple internet connections, redundant service and storage.

The CCU meets all of the Swedish Tax Agency's requirements and is included in the list of certified and approved control units at the Swedish Tax Agency.

All data is stored in the cloud. PKI security between cash register system and CCU. Extra security and extended logging with Infrasec iSecure. Storage capacity made for high load.
HSM certificate storage.
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